Equine Focus on Rider Fitness

Published 29 January

Horse Management

Horse Management Level 3 students have been working on improving their rider fitness.

The group, as well as staff members, have been taking part in fitness sessions led by Caroline West from The Equestrian Fitness Company.

The sessions, which happen every Friday, focus on improving a rider’s core strength with specific muscle activation exercises and stretches. These will improve a student’s riding, making them stronger and more confident.

The Equestrian Fitness Company are specialists in rider fitness, core strength, flexibility, balance and injury rehab. Muscle symmetry is the most important factor for a rider to get the best out of a horse and to prevent back problems for the rider and the horse. How a rider sits on a horse has a dramatic effect on its performance, development, and soundness.

Jenny Huxall, Horse Management tutor, said: “The students look forward to their session every week and can already see an improvement in their riding. Everybody has fun whilst doing it also.”

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