College Horses Enjoy Physiotherapy Session

Published 30 September

Some of our College horses thoroughly enjoyed a routine physio session from Charted Physiotherapist, Sarah Rennison, when she visited the equine yard last week.

Sarah specialises in equine, canine and human physiotherapy, helping to maintain their mobility, function and performance. Horses are one of the most common species to receive physiotherapy as, like humans, adopt a less painful way of moving when in pain. This, therefore, makes it difficult to recognise such pain, leading to muscle and soft tissue adaptations.

So in order to prevent any permanent damage and pain, physiotherapy treatment can be given, that is tailored to the animal’s condition and stage. Physiotherapy can help treat multiple issues in horses such as osteoarthritis, ligament and tendon damage, neurological and performance problems.

We are looking forward to welcoming Sarah back soon for a follow on session.

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