Horticulture Students do their bit for the Community

Published 18 October

Horticulture Practical RHS Level 2 students have recently been to the Canal Basin in Skipton to plant some containers for Skipton in Bloom on behalf of Craven District Council.

Michael Myers, Horticulture Tutor said:

“It’s been a really good experience for the students working in a real-life environment, doing a practical they have to do for their course as well as helping the community.

The students enjoy being off-site, doing a real project for the community which adds real value to the town whilst giving an educational benefit.

We try and do these sorts of community projects whenever we can. We have done quite a few over the years for Skipton in bloom, however, this is the first one this year. We will be coming back in the spring to help in the Jubilee Garden with rose pruning and general tidying up.

Hopefully, we will be returning later in the year as some plants may die off in the winter so we may have to do some replanting. We have supplied all the plants and gravel here today with some of the plants being grown at College and others from a local nursery.”


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