Creative Writing Competition – Results

Published 24 June

Thank you to all who entered the Creative Writing Competition. Our judge, Gavin Jones was impressed with the high standard of originality and imagination. The title “Journeys” enabled students to express both physical and mental voyages using a range of styles.

The tops three entries are below:

1st place: Beth Dicken-Jones with ‘From Crisis to Crisis’

2nd place: Felicity Sreeves with ‘ The Journey’

3rd place: Joe Howard with ‘A Lad Like Me’ poem


Quote from Felicity Sreeves: “The story I did was inspired in part by the fact our family holiday was cancelled this year because of lockdown – I had really been looking forward to it, and so I had been thinking about how much I miss the seaside…this becomes the oceanic imagery I used in the story.
Another factor that contributed to my inspiration was the Childcare course I am currently studying; learning about what a massive impact certain experiences can have on children’s lives and having to write about the long-term implications of this led me to weave in the idea of a life journey into the story. I left some elements unclear on purpose as the different interpretations people make of it as they read it reflect how different children may react to the same experience in vastly different ways.”



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