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Dogs Needed for Dog Grooming Lessons!

Published 22 September

Now that we are back we are needing dogs for our dog grooming lessons again. Please read the information below and complete the form (link below) to be put on our dog grooming list. If you contacted us prior to lockdown, we will need your information again.
Please note, our dog grooming parlour is following COVID rules.
We are putting out an appeal to dog owners – how would your dog like to be a pampered pooch as a model for one of our dog grooming students?
We are looking for dogs to act as models for students taking our highly popular dog grooming course at College as well as our animal care students completing dog grooming modules. Grooming sessions are FREE of charge.
Pooches are guaranteed to love the experience – taught by qualified professionals who will check over your dog before returning them to you, your dog can be groomed, bathed and dried by our students.
We are looking for a wide variety of dog models for clipping, scissoring, bathing, drying and de-shedding.
Your dog’s health and wellbeing always comes first – we’ll ask you for as much information as possible about your dog’s health, behaviour and coat condition before their visit.
Dogs must also be fully vaccinated.
Appointments are available occasional Mondays, Tuesday 2:15pm-5:30pm, Tuesday 5:45pm-9pm, Friday 8:45am-12noon and Saturday 03 October.
Please email to register your interest.
Animal StudiesLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
Wildlife Management New CourseLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
Degrees & Higher Levels
Animal Management (Animal Behaviour & Welfare) HNCLevel 4
Animal Management (Equine) HNCLevel 4
Dog Grooming - Introduction - UXPPAG04Thu 20 May 2021
Dog Grooming - Introduction - UXPPAG02Thu 15 April 2021
Dog Grooming - Introduction - UXPKAG01Sat 22 May 2021
Dog Grooming Diploma Level 3 - UXPPAG07Tue 3 November 2020
Sheep Husbandry - UFPNFG01Sat 24 April 2021