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Craven College Students Join Climate Change Action

Published 15 March

This morning, Science and Health & Social Care students have continued to attend their lectures but this has not stopped them from showing solidarity with their peers who are marching in Leeds. Together with their tutors, the students have spent time investigating and ranking the causes of climate change before creating their own carbon footprints. Following from this, each student has made a personal pledge to reduce their negative impact on the environment in order to cut emissions and “save the planet.”

Lewis Toothill says “tackling emissions is really important. We are seeing deforestation and famine in different countries and it is my generation that is going to suffer.” Khleesa Basharat added to this, passionately urging people, “Don’t ruin the environment you live in. Recycle your waste, walk to the shops, turn your lights off. The time to start saving the planet is now!”

In the words of Emily Haworth and Megan Downs, ‘There is no Planet B.’

Their action was supported by their tutors, with Centre Manager Jessica Cornthwaite noting that she is “prouder than proud” of her socially and environmentally responsible students.

Biomedical Science New CourseLevel 3
Forensic Science New CourseLevel 3
Fresh Start - Health & Social CareLevel 2
Fresh Start - ScienceLevel 2
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