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Craven College Show Garden Wins Gold at Harrogate Flower Show

Published 30 April

After an absence of five years, Craven College has struck gold yet again with one of its innovative gardens at last week’s Harrogate Spring Flower Show.

This year’s offering, entitled ‘From Pallet to Palette to Palate’ was an entry in the new Square Yards garden competition. The College display comprised a series of ten 3’ x 3’ planters made from recycled wooden pallets offering a literal interpretation to the square yard garden brief. Each planter demonstrated how simple containers made from cheap materials could be used in novel and interesting ways. The garden comprised containers used to create a vegetable garden, pond, bog garden (with carnivorous plants), childs play garden, ornamental planters, seat and a colourful compost bin with a Rubics cube design. All of the planters were painted in vibrant colours, some with students artwork.

The winning entry was a collaborative project involving three different groups of students.

Evolve (Ripon) students led the project as part of their Level 1 and 2 Practical Horticulture Qualifications based at Ripon Walled Garden.  The students designed, built (including the equally tricky job of dismantling the pallets) and painted most of the planters. They also grew many of the plants used in the garden. Evolve is a small, inclusive post 16 College based in the centre of Ripon that works alongside Craven College.

Level 1 Land-based Studies students at Craven College (Skipton) also built and painted several of the planters as part of their work-based learning.

Craven College (Skipton) RHS Level 3 Horticulture students studying garden design modules assembled the garden at the showground and planted the containers.

Horticulture lecturer Michael Myers said: “The award was more than I could have hoped for and a great endorsement of all the hard work that the students had put into this project.”

All of the planters will be re-used at the new Evolve premises based in Ripon and at St Wilfrid’s bungalow, part of Ripon Community Link.

It was a double celebration for the RHS students who learned last week that all seven had passed their ‘Understanding Garden Survey Techniques and Design Principles’ exam taken in February. Not only did all seven pass but all achieved pass with commendation, no mean feat when the National average for this exam is often as low as 10% achieving this grade.


Horticulture & Landscape Operative ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Degrees & Higher Levels
Garden Design FDLevel 5
Dry Stone Walling - Introduction - UFPNFL14Sat 17 October 2020
Dry Stone Walling - Introduction - UFPNFL17Sat 19 June 2021
Flower Arranging - Arranging Fruit & Flowers for Autumn - UFPNAL04Tue 13 October 2020
Flower Arranging - Razzle Dazzle Festive Flowers - UFPNAL03Tue 24 November 2020
Flower Arranging - Sensational Summer Party Flowers - UFPNAL02Tue 13 April 2021
Flower Arranging - Spring Flowers with a Modern Twist - UFPNAL01Tue 2 March 2021
Garden Design FD - Specifications & Contracts - UFPNFL26Thu 24 September 2020
Garden Design FD - Hard Landscaping & Construction - UFPNFL25Thu 24 September 2020
Microgreens - How To Grow - UFPNFL18Sat 20 March 2021
Permaculture - Introduction - UFPNFL13Sat 17 April 2021
RHS Distance Learning (Full qualification units 1-8) – The Principles of Horticulture Level 2 Certificate - UFDNTL01Anytime
RHS Distance Learning (Units 1-4)- Principles of Plant Growth, Propagation & Development Level 2 Certificate - UFDNTL06Anytime
RHS Distance Learning (Units 5-8)- Principles of Garden Planning, Establishment & Maintenance Level 2 Certificate - UFDNTL07Anytime
RHS Distance Learning Units 1 & 2 – Plant Classification, Structure & Function and Plant Nutrition & the Root Environment Level 2 - UFDNTL02Anytime
RHS Distance Learning Units 3 & 4 – Maintaining Plant Health & Understanding Plant Propagation Level 2 - UFDNTL03Anytime
RHS Distance Learning Units 5 & 6 – Garden Features, Plant Selection & Planning and The Choice, Establishment & Maintenance of Garden Plants & Lawn Level 2 - UFDNTL04Anytime
RHS Distance Learning Units 7 & 8 – The Production of Outdoor Vegetables & Fruit and Protected Environments in Plant Cultivation Level 2 - UFDNTL05Anytime
RHS Practical Horticulture Level 2 - UXPPFL01Mon 14 September 2020
RHS Practical Horticulture Level 3 - UFPNFL12Tue 15 September 2020
RHS Principles of Garden Planning, Construction & Planting Level 3 - UFPNFL23Tue 15 September 2020
RHS Principles of Horticulture Level 2 - UFPNTL01Tue 15 September 2020
Tractor Driving - Junior (13-15 yrs) - UFPNFL19Sat 22 May 2021
Wildlife Biological Surveying - Introduction - UFPNFL05Thu 6 May 2021