Channel 4 star and cyber security expert visit

Published 06 March

Paul Vlissidis, Technical Director of NCC Group and star of Channel 4 series Hunted, came to talk to Level 3 Computing students today about cyber security.

Tutor, Ross Elliot, came across Paul because of the Channel 4 series and thought it a fantastic opportunity for students to hear from an expert in the field of cyber security. Paul leads a team of cyber experts on the show, which involves volunteers who go on the run and try avoid being tracked down.

The NCC Group work for companies, protecting them against hackers. Students learnt that one of the effective ways NCC Group do this is by hacking into the companies themselves and monitoring all the ways they could be at risk.

Paul says ‘If the students come away thinking about all the exciting careers available in cyber security and NCC Group as a potential employer, I’ll be very happy.’

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