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Computing Students Hack into a Drone

Published 31 January
Computing courses

Computing Level 3 students were visited by Chris Delee of Bradford University. The subject of the visit was to discuss the options available in the industry relating to Cyber Security and also for a demonstration of the subject.

The students had a group discussion around Cyber Security and then had the opportunity to try their hand at “Ethical Hacking” by breaking into the WiFi signal of a drone in order to make it crash. This demonstration was to show the students the vulnerabilities of WiFi-connected devises and how this can be used by malicious actors.

The students succeeded in bringing the drone down and then analysed the event as a group to understand how it could be mitigated. The students also discussed various newsworthy malware attacks that have occurred recently and how this impacted the companies involved. This visit tied in nicely with the Cyber Security unit that the students undertake as part of their qualification.

Computing Tutor, Chris Wright said: “The students had a great time and they linked a lot of the discussion points to their studies. Overall a very successful visit.”



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