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College’s Equine Expert has Equine Research Published

Published 28 January
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A Craven College’s Equine expert has been published in The Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

Joanna Baxter, who is Head of the Land-based Department at Craven College, has co-written a paper entitled ‘Rider Skill Affects Time and Frequency Domain Postural Variables When Performing Shoulder-in’.

The study looks at the difference between novice and advanced riders within equestrian sports when overcoming horse and/or rider asymmetry patterns when riding in straight lines and when riding movements mirroring each other on the left and right reins, linking the success of the dressage movement to the aid application and position of the rider.
Additional to her publishing success, Joanna is also successfully leading the exciting developments of the College’s new Equine facilities, which open their doors to students and the public in September 2022.

The equine centre will house an indoor arena with a seating gallery, a warm-up arena, an outdoor riding arena, a stable block and car parking facilities and is currently under construction on the site of Craven Cattle Mart in Skipton.

On the success of her research, Joanna comments, “Little horse rider biomechanical research exists, as it is so difficult to capture kinematical data from riders, due to the equipment and influence with the horse. This project was very exciting to design and undertake and obviously to work in conjunction with such experts within the scientific research field. I am hoping the research inspires students to carry out other related studies, and the conclusions to assist with rider aids and applications. With the new equestrian facility under construction, this will enable further projects for staff and students to engage within, to assist with future developments in equestrian sports.

To view Joanna’s published article please visit: Rider Skill Affects Time and Frequency Domain Postural Variables When Performing Shoulder-in – ScienceDirect

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