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College Horses Given Important Assessments and Nutritional Plans

Published 19 September
Horse Management courses

Sales Manager of Saracen Horse Feeds, Sarah Rushby, paid a visit to the Equine Department last week to provide valuable nutritional advice to the Equine Team, along with important assessments and feeding plans for each horse.

The horses were weighed using a weighbridge, and their level of fat was also assessed on a scale of 1-9. These assessments are very important in identifying conditions, calorie and wormer requirements and for the calculation of safe rider weight limits. In addition to this, each of the College horses now have their own calculated diet, allowing the yard staff to feed them accordingly and monitor any changes.

Sarah is set to visit the Equine Department again in November when she will reweigh the horses as well as giving a talk to all the equine students on horse nutrition.

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