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Choices Week for Business Students

Published 21 October
Business courses

Week commencing Monday 05 October was ‘Choices Week’ in the Business sector. All students took part in career talks and progress reviews, the purpose of the week was to focus on their goals and targets for the future including their career aspirations. 

Business Level 3 Year 1 students were involved in an online speed interview event, while thoroughly enjoyed by the students, it gave them an experience of online interviews which are becoming more commonplace across sectorsWe had fantastic feedback both from external employers who took part as well as our own students.  

Student feedback:

The first one didn’t go great, I should have researched them a little bit beforehand, and since it was the first one I was getting used to Teams, but I’m happy with the other two, and it helped me realise what I’m actually aiming for. I think it will also prepare me for future interviews since my answers made sense to me, and I’ll use them more. 

The interviews went very well, Honestly I never expected them to go as well as they did. 

I enjoyed it! loved it! And such a good experience. 

Employer feedback:

Thank you again for inviting us to the programme – I found it very enlightening, and my, what a great bunch of students, individual characters and hope for the future you have there!Liz from Skipton BID 

Thank you for having us involved! I really enjoyed meeting all the students, they were all fab!” – Rachael & Amy from Yorkshire Food & Drinks Festival 

Thank you for this morning, it was great to be involved with the students and more importantly, it was fun! Overall – successful and confident group.” – Chris from Schoo Social Media 

Thanks to:
Laura – Computer Share, 
Steph – SCAD, 
Katie – Acacia Style, 
Chris Ord – Out of Ordinary, 
Chris – Schoo Social Media, 
Liz – Skipton BID, 
Rachel & Amy – Yorkshire Dales Food and Drinks Festival,
Michelle – Leeds Bradford Airport 
Craven Colleges Work Experience team. 


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