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BTEC Results Update

Published 20 August
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Thursday 20th August is GCSE and L1/2 vocational results day and is an important day for our students. At just after 4:30pm on Wednesday 19 August the College received notification from Pearson (the awarding body for BTECs) to ask us not to release BTEC results on this date. This was a result of the U-turn from the Government regarding AS, A level and GCSE qualification where students would now receive either their Centre Assessment Grade (CAG) or calculated grade (whichever is highest). Pearson said that they want to apply the same principle to BTEC grades to make sure BTEC students were not disadvantaged when compared to A Level or GCSE students. They have said that no results will be downgraded and there is potential for grades to go up.

Whilst we understand and agree with the rationale for the review of grades, the timing of this notification is a real concern. The BTEC results had already been input into our student platform ready for viewing after 8am on Thursday. These have now had to be taken down but will have to be re-entered when the results are issued. We have spent the evening communicating to staff and students with messages posted on the website, on social media and emailed to students. This is causing added pressure to staff and more importantly undue stress for students.

We know that some of you will not be able to celebrate all your achievements today due to the announcement by Pearson and you may have to wait a little longer for these grades. Please don’t worry, this will not affect your progression into College. We are here to support you so please talk to us. We are sure you will be celebrating these achievements very soon.

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