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Bee Orchid Blossoms on College Campus

Published 13 July
Countryside & Agriculture courses,
Horticulture courses

A Bee Orchid has been discovered in flower on Craven College’s Aireville Campus. The flower’s velvety lip looks like a female bee. Males fly in to try to mate with it and end up pollinating the flower.

The Bee Orchid is a small orchid with a rosette of leaves at ground level and two leaves that grow up the stem as a sheath. The stem displays a number of relatively large flowers with pink sepals that look like wings, and furry, brown lips that have yellow markings on them, just like a bee.

Gillian Thom, Countryside Tutor says, ‘Fantastic to spot one of our most beautiful native orchids (Bee Orchid) flowering in the college grounds this morning! Such a sustainable and enriching place to work and study.’

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Countryside & Land ManagementLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
HorticultureLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3
Countryside Worker ApprenticeshipLevel 2
General Farm Worker ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Horticulture & Landscape Operative ApprenticeshipLevel 2
Livestock Unit Technician ApprenticeshipLevel 3
Degrees & Higher Levels
Wildlife & Conservation Management FdScLevel 5
Dry Stone Walling - IntroductionSat 16 September 2023
Floristry Level 2 CertificateSat 16 September 2023
Flower Arranging - Christmas WreathTue 14 November 2023
Practical Horticulture Skills Level 1Mon 2 October 2023
RHS Practical Horticulture Level 2 CertificateMon 4 September 2023
Wildlife Identification - IntroductionThu 2 May 2024
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