Flying phobias and fears conquered

Published 28 February


Aviation tutor, Paula Reynier, acted as team leader for Virgin Atlantic Airways this week as she lent a helping hand on their fear of flying course. Nervous flyers can sign up to the course if they want to look at ways of combating their fears and to get back in control of how they travel.

The course offers a unique training method, which includes sitting in small groups of 8-11 people with a dedicated team leader or cabin crew trainer. This way you feel fully supported and your individual needs are addressed throughout the flight.

Ex-students from the Craven College Aviation Academy also contributed to the smooth running of the day and worked on checking, security, dispatch and on board the special charter flight around Leeds.

Paula says ‘The course was a huge success with all except two fliers out of 83 taking the flight. Everyone involved gave expert care from beginning to end to the participants’.

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