Animal of the Week

29 March 2018

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Animal Studies

This weeks animal of the week are the Domestic Rats. They originate from Southeast and Central Asia, China and India.

They're highly curious and inquisitive, and strongly motivated to explore needing space to run, stretch up on their hind legs, climb and explore. They are prone to respiratory infections and should be kept in well ventilated surroundings.

The domestic 'skinny' rat has a very thin layer fur but overall looks bald. They have short and wavy whiskers, and their lack of hair means that they're very smooth to the touch.

They are active animals needing regular exercise. They use their whiskers, or vibrissae, to aid detection of objects to explore their environment as well as a well-developed sense of smell and hearing. They may urinate or defecate when exposed to new environments or when frightened.

Rats are quick learners, highly trainable, very clever and curious and have excellent memories. They quickly become bored unless stimulated.



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