Tidying up Campus

Published 02 November

As part of their course, Land-based students are required to complete a certain amount of work-related learning which they can undertake in areas around the College.

This includes working in the Equine Unit, Animal Management Centre or on the campus itself. Students move around the different areas so that they can gain the widest experience of work in the Land-based sector and develop skills essential to their future careers.

Every Thursday morning, the students work alongside tutors and the Estates team. Small groups of 10 work in each area so that they can be adequately supervised ensuring a safe and effective working environment.

The pictures below show the Horticulture/Countryside group working on the Aireville Campus using machinery to cut grass, clear leaves and trim around the periphery. They also clear litter, maintain borders when needed and assist the Estates team in developing the campus into a more attractive and functional space through redesigning and replanting certain areas.

Michael Myers, Horticulture tutor at Craven College, said: “We have an enthusiastic group of students working on the grounds and they are learning new skills such as operating horticultural machinery. In lessons, each student would only have a limited time with each machine but here they can develop a much higher level of competence. The skills that students learn on work-related learning are an essential part of developing their employability.”