Firearm Safety Lesson

Published 08 January

Countryside Level 3 students recently enjoyed a day of clay pigeon and target shooting.

Before heading outside, students were given a safety briefing and demonstration from Head of School of Land-based Studies and Engineering, Simon Midgley.

They were taught specifically about gun safety and learned of the differences between a shotgun and a rifle. The group were also shown what the inside of a shotgun cartridge contained and how it works.

Students then headed off to Niffany Wood, in Skipton, where they got to put the theory they had learned into action. They did this by using a clay pigeon trap to simulate birds. The students all took a turn at having a go. Following this, students practiced target shooting with a rifle.

Simon Midgley said: “Most of our Countryside Management students will enter into careers in the countryside where they will inevitably come into contact with firearms used for sporting purposes or vermin control. It is important that they understand basic firearm and safety and know the law and codes of practice which applies to their use. ”

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