The EU Referendum debate was organised by Public Services Tutor, James Simpkin, and chaired by Principal, Robert Bellfield. After short presentations from the speakers, Public Services students and others from across College took the opportunity to question ‘Leave' speakers Carl Chambers, from Business for Britain, and Tony Homewood, from Leave EU. ‘Remain' speakers included former Skipton MP John Watson OBE, and Christine Rose, Craven District Councillor and Craven College Science tutor.

Students raised issues concerning immigration, farm subsidies, the impact on the armed services and youth employment prospects. John Palmer, Public Services Student from Ilkley said:

"It was a more unbiased and respectful debate than I thought it would be - it allowed us to hear both sides of the argument. It was good for us to feel confident to ask questions and that the debaters were able to answer them or say if they didn't know the exact answers to encourage us to research for ourselves and not take things at face value."

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