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20/20 Vision – End of year Art Show

Published 24 June
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We are incredibly proud of our student’s creativity and resilience this year, both in and out of college, and are excited to share their outstanding work with you at the End of Year Show (virtual edition).

Principal’s Introduction

Performing Arts Playlist

Media Playlist

The work included on the Creative Media Production playlist has been chosen from across all the different leves of our Creative Media Production courses. From the Yr 2 Extended Diploma you will see a series of documentaries on a range of different topics and made in different styles, this makes up the first section of the showreel. After this we have a series of single camera dramas made by our Level 2 Creative Media Production students, from murder mysteries to thrillers, all written, produced and edited by our talented students. The last part of our showreel contains two projects made by our Yr 1 Diploma students. Here you will find music videos and single camera dramas all written, produced, filmed and edited by students on their first year of doing Creative Media Production here at Craven College. Students have also produced bespoke soundtracks for the dramas you see here, so are learning about and having practical experinece at working through both technical and creative skills development in all aspects of the production process

Click here to view our running order.

Radio Drama

We also included a selection of Radio Dramas made by our Extended Diploma students, which you will find embedded below. Again the range, complexity, skilfulness, sophistication and sensitivity shown in the writing here is second to none, especially when one considers the gravity of the content which these students have engaged with. These pieces would be best enjoyed wearing headphones, and please be aware that they deal with some adult themes.

CravenCollege · End of Year Show 2020
Please be advised that some pieces of work contain strong language and adult themes.

‘Best work ever! Thank you to each student and the staff of Digital & Creative Industries 20/20’

Theresa Savage – Head of Faculty

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