Designing, Planning & Tending for an Allotment

Plan the layout of your allotment, produce a timetable of activities to make the most of your plot and work towards a wildlife and ecological system for managing your site. 

Start Date Wed 4 Nov 2020
Days 2
Time09:30 - 15:30

Payment by direct debit is available, 20% of course fee plus exam fee must be paid on enrolment then the remaining fee can be spread over a maximum of 6 months


This course will entail a basic approach to planning and will use rough drawing and creative drafting techniques to plan the layout of your allotment. 

You will be able to explore design ideas and different techniques and methods which you can use to help you start your own patch. You will analyse a given site, plan where all the crops are to go, design the shapes and orientation of the beds and consider all the various peripheral elements of a successful allotment. You will leave the course with a plan/design along with knowledge on planting and timings of crops.