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Applied Science (Forensic Science)

Are you inspired by criminal investigators on TV and want to be part of this exciting industry? You will continue to develop your knowledge of the 3 major sciences – biology, chemistry and physics – which will then underpin your specialist forensic expertise.

This Forensic Science course gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge in a range of scientific subjects whilst specialising in criminology, crime scene investigation and analytical science.

Aireville Campus
Study Location
1-2 Years
depending on Level
How your qualification is made up

Entry Requirements

  • 5 GCSEs grade 9-4 including English or maths & science

What you will study

  • Principles & Applications of Science 1
  • Practical Scientific Procedures & Techniques
  • Science Investigation
  • Skills Laboratory Techniques & Their Application
  • Forensic Evidence Collection & Analysis
  • Physiology of Human Body Systems
  • Principles & Applications of Science 2
  • Investigative Project Contemporary Issues in Science
  • Forensic Fire Investigation
  • Forensics Traffic Collision Investigation
  • Genetics & Genetic Engineering
  • Practical Chemical Analysis

What's Next?

Further Study

Degree in:

  • Forensic Science
  • Criminal Psychology Criminology
  • Analytical Science


  • Criminal Psychologist
  • Forensic Analyst
  • Crime Scene Investigator
Select your preferred study programme (subject). You can make 2 choices now and make a final decision in June. We will give you a conditional offer based on your predicted/actual GCSEs.
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