Computing – Introduction

Do you want to be able to use a computer for everyday tasks, but need to develop the skills to do this? This course will equip you to use a computer with confidence.

Start Date Thu 26 Sep 2019
Weeks 11
Time13:00 - 15:00
CampusRoshni Ghar
Fee£65 *

This course will introduce you to, or update your IT skills so that you can effectively create a variety of documents using MS Word. You will also be taught to explore the internet in a safe and secure manner.

  • Follow Health & Safety Procedures In The Use Of Computer Equipment
  • Identify & Use Computer Jargon
  • Explore The Computer Desktop
  • Use A Mouse & Keyboard
  • Discuss & Apply File Management Skills eg Saving, Searching, Viewing & Opening Work
  • Create & Manage Folders
  • Use Microsoft Word To Create, Save & Print Documents
  • Proofread A Document Use Spellcheck & Make Changes
  • Explore The Internet Adhering To E-safety.
  • Use The Internet To Search For Information
  • Learn About Safety Issues When Using Email
  • Use Email To Send & Reply To Message
  • Create Email Folders & Move Emails To Different Folders
Course Fee

* Fee remission available on this course, click here for further information

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