Aromatherapy Massage Introduction Course - Craven College

Aromatherapy Massage Introduction

Why not join us on this one day course designed for you to discover the therapeutic and relaxing effects of essentials oils for health and well-being.

Start Date Thu 7 Mar 2019
Weeks 6
Time18:00 - 21:00
Fee£72 *


You will be introduced to aromatherapy and its health benefits. You will create your own massage oil – for headaches, aching muscles or tired feet, formulate your own shampoo, and blend your own facial oil, for mature, dry or problem skin. Learning how to perform a basic aromatherapy back, neck, shoulder and face massage will round off your day.


  • Introduction to Aromatherapy
  • Create your Own Massage Oil
  • Formulate your Own Shampoo
  • Blend your Own Facial Oil
  • Perform a Basic Aromatherapy Massage


  • Please be aware this is for use with family and friends only
  • Please expect and be prepared to receive and give an aromatherapy massage using blended oils

Course Fee

* Fee remission available on this course, click here for further information