Photography – Digital Landscapes using Photoshop

Create landscape images with impact! Explore black and white and colour digital photography. 

Start Date Thu 1 Oct 2020
Weeks 4
Time18:00 - 20:30
CampusAireville Campus

This course is pitched at beginner to intermediate level. Learn to recognise the formal elements of landscape photography, with additional exploration of contemporary photography and the utilisation of photoshop to generate and refine digital imagery. This will include the creation of composite imagery and manipulation to rectify lens distortion and perspective with other corrective tools.  

Achieving pleasing images is our goal, exploring techniques and compositions that make a visual impact. This course will explain the transition from traditional film photography to modern-day digital workflows, understanding basic camera techniques coupled with Adobe Photoshop. During the course, you will learn to use selective cropping, colour adjustments plus contrast and saturation control. By the end of the course, you will use your skills to create eye-catching and dynamic imagery.  


Please bring an SD card and camera (although cameras are available to borrow) 

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