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Student Information

When you accept an offer of a place at Craven College, you enter into a contract. Your acceptance of the offer of a place is subject to your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out in the document which can be found in the list below.

The Terms and Conditions apply to all Craven College students irrespective of the mode and place of their study. In the event of any inconsistency, the Terms and Conditions take precedence over any other advice or information offered by a member of Craven College staff or its publications. The Terms and Conditions may be varied by Craven College from time to time both before and after enrolment at Craven College.

Following enrolment, you become entitled to use the facilities and services that Craven College provides. You also agree to abide by the College’s rules, regulations, and programme specifications. Please see the contents list below for more detailed information.

Please note that semester 1 usually starts in the 3rd week of September and the academic year usually ends in the last week of May.

Assessment submission details


Details of assessment submission are available in the Module Handbook. Assessments must be submitted on or before the submission date. You will be given the submission details by your module tutor. Most assessments must be submitted via Turn-it-in, however, for assessments where this is not suitable, a hard copy of the assessment should include a cover sheet (available on Moodle) which has been signed by you and the tutor upon receipt. The cover sheet has a tear-off slip that will act as a receipt for your assessment – you must keep this as evidence of submission of your assessment.

Your work will be marked and feedback will normally be provided within 4 weeks of the submission date. NB All marks are provisional and will be subject to internal and external quality assurance.


If you fail to submit an assessment by the prescribed date without prior permission, a penalty will be incurred. The penalty is dependent on the Regulations approved by the Validating University or Awarding Organisation (please check) and will either be a reduction in your mark or the assessment will be deemed as a non-submission (NS). Any assessments which are handed in late, without formal approval through the HE Scheme may jeopardise your continuation on the course.


The Scheme Board of Examiners decides on the progression of individual students through Degree courses and awards Degrees and other qualifications. The Board of Examiners also decides if a reassessment opportunity is permitted and sets the reassessment deadlines.

There are two Boards of Examiners at Craven College and each has its own Terms of Reference:

Approved marks are issued within four weeks of the Board of Examiners. Students are entitled to receive indicative feedback on performance in assessed work within four weeks of the assessment deadline. It has been agreed that it is not necessary to wait until the Board of Examiners to release provisional numeric marks.

Extensions to deadlines and mitigating circumstances
Mitigating Circumstances Request – Craven College Courses
Mitigating Circumstances Request – University of Hull courses
Extension Request – Craven College Courses

Extensions to deadlines and mitigating circumstances Mitigating circumstances are medical or personal issues which a student cannot overcome or manage without an impact on their ability to attend teaching and undertake assessments because they occur suddenly, unexpectedly or are severe in nature. There is no definitive list of such situations and the College recognises that difficulties impact people in different ways. If you consider that your studies are being affected by mitigating circumstances, you should discuss these circumstances with your Course Tutor or the Senior Academic Quality Officer in the first instance. The earlier the College is made aware of any impacting circumstances, the earlier support options can be made available. The options available to students differ depending on the partner University or Awarding Organisation, please ensure you refer to the form for your course. For more information please contact


Our Higher Education courses follow Regulations that are approved by the partner University or Awarding Organisation.
For full details about the Craven College Regulations for Higher Education, see the Regulations below. Please ensure you refer to the version for the partner university which validates your course and for The Open University courses, the correct year.

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Covid 19 Information

We are aware that new applicants and our existing students may have concerns about the delivery of their Higher Education courses due to the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) situation. We want to reassure you that your application to study Higher Education at Craven College will not be affected and we are planning to deliver a high-quality learning experience whilst maintaining personal safety.
At Craven College, the majority of our Higher Education courses have small cohorts that make it easy to socially distance. This year we are delivering a blend of face to face teaching and online live delivery supported by 1:1 Teams tutorials. We can assure you that this is a personalised experience for our students and has allowed students to question lecturers and take part in group activities even during lockdown. Students have also enjoyed online demos and sessions with industry experts. We hope to be back in College full time by September, but the plan remains flexible and will be constantly reviewed to follow ongoing government guidance.

Supporting students through their learning is important at Craven.  During the lockdown period, students still receive 1:1 tutorials with teaching staff, have access to IT support and remote meetings with study skills support staff and the Student Services Support Team.

You can also keep in touch through our HE Facebook group and follow our HE Instagram account.

We look forward to meeting you and assure you that, whatever the Covid-19 situation, your learning will be a personalised and supported experience.

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