Lawrence Trestrail
Lawrence Trestrail

Lawrence Trestrail

Bench Joinery Apprenticeship
RN Wooler & Co, Keighley

RN Wooler & Co Ltd in Keighley have been employing Apprentices in different trade areas across the company for many years. But in January 2017 they employed Lawrence Trestrail as an Apprentice Bench Joiner with Craven College.

Lawrence started an Apprenticeship straight from school after his GCSEs. He didn’t enjoy school much so when it was time to leave he knew that he wanted to do something more practical:

I chose joinery as I like the satisfaction of seeing the end product that I have made. An Apprenticeship makes you more
independent and you learn by doing things yourself, it’s completely different to school. The Apprenticeship has given me a lot of experience already. I would like to continue working here for a few more years to get more experience and maybe do a bit of site joinery then one day potentially open my own business.”

David Robinson, Works Manager says:

“Apprenticeships work for us especially the day release at Craven College as we find this keeps up their momentum better than block release to College. Apprenticeships enable us to bring on our own staff and teach them our way of working. It takes time at first to train a new Apprentice, there is a lot of Health & Safety to consider to start with but it pays off eventually. Laurence is a good worker, he is making great progress and has a good work ethic.”

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