Joshua Root
Joshua Root

Joshua Root

Professional Cookery Apprenticeship

“Throughout high school, I knew I wanted to be in the catering industry no matter what, but didn’t know how to go about achieving my dream, whether that was going to College to study Professional Cookery full- time or to get an Apprenticeship. The major factor in choosing my Apprenticeship was when I met Tom Kerridge at the BBC Good Food Show where he took time out to speak to me about how Apprenticeship schemes work and why that would be the best option to choose, as it combines practical and classroom learning.

Northcote advised me to choose Craven College as my place to study because they have some of the best facilities to train young chefs to become a Commis or a Chef de Partie. When I first was shown the College I was amazed by the learning kitchens and how similar they are to the restaurant’s kitchens I am used to. Also, the teachers were full of knowledge and were very enthusiastic about helping us succeed in not only the College course but for us as chefs.

The Apprenticeship scheme has helped me massively, mainly developing my skills with knives and my knowledge of the industry. I also entered Future Chef Competition with the support of Northcote and I ended up getting to the National finals where I was 1 of 12 who were whittled down from over 12,000 entries. This competition helped me network with other chefs such as Brian Turner, Simon Hulstone and Rick Stein.”

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