Jonathan Fairlie
Jonathan Fairlie

Jonathan Fairlie

Business Administration Apprenticeship
Crimson Bear

After completing his A Levels, Jonathan had a part-time job in a Garden Nursery on the weekends and also did a bit of temp work through a recruitment agency until they recommended he look at Apprenticeships and pointed him towards Craven College.

“I didn’t think going to university was the right thing for me as it meant I had to focus on learning one thing whereas doing an Apprenticeship opened up more pathways for me to go down. I knew it would help me gain experience from working full time, get into a professional working ethic and to be invested into a growing company that takes care of its employees.

I had been looking for an Apprenticeship for a while but had had no luck and other Colleges were not very helpful at all. I contacted Craven College, who invited me in for an interview straight away and within a week I already had an interview with an employer which led me onto my first full-time job.

The Apprenticeship has given me confidence in areas I haven’t worked on before and has given me more opportunities for what I can do in the future. I have made great friends on this course and it has given me a job which I can walk in and feel happy to be there every day.

Once I finish my Apprenticeship I would like to stay on at this job as they have invested a lot into me and I would like to keep on developing myself and am considering doing a degree through Open University which I can do alongside my job.”

Joanna Johnson, Office Manager Says:

“Jonny has been a great asset to the company especially when it comes to spreadsheet work – he has taught us a thing or two!

Since September he has managed two large retail accounts dealing with customer orders on the telephone and emails in an effective manner and has gained much confidence in this time. He has learnt a lot of skills and gained plenty of experience in the short amount of time he has been with us and I am sure he will be able to use these where ever he goes in life.”

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