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Harrison Spencer Profile
Harrison Spencer

Harrison Spencer

Harrison had started 6th Form after his GCSEs but knew that it wasn’t the right route for him. He had done some work experience with B.C Excavations through the holidays and decided he would prefer to be outdoors working than sitting behind a desk in a classroom.

When asked how he was finding his Apprenticeship so far Harrison said:
“I love it! Every job we go to is different, I am learning something new each time. I get a real sense of achievement when we finish a job especially when you know you have done it really well and the customer is happy. It’s a good feeling.”

Brian Cauvin – the owner of B.C Excavations says:
“Taking on an Apprentice can be hard work in some respects as they really don’t know much to start with but we give our Apprentice plenty of training.
Harrison is doing well so far, he is willing to learn which is half the battle! What we do is difficult at times. In the winter it can be wet, cold and very muddy this has not fazed him at all, he is very resilient.”